What I’m Most Excited About!


I’m very, very excited for everything! Just being in Italy will be a privilege within itself. But I’m most excited about going for a ride on a Gondola! I’ve always wanted to do this and it’s also on my bucket list! I’ve heard it’s expensive but very worth it! I honestly didn’t know much about going on a Gondola ride, so I found some information that was very informative and I thought I’d share..

Gondola Fares

  • Gondola fares are standard and set officially. These are the minimum fares for a standard gondola ride but rates can go higher.
  • A standard gondola ride is 40 minutes so if you negotiate for a lower fare, you’ll end up with a shorter ride.
  • Gondola fares are higher at night.
  • Gondolas hold six people and can be shared without affecting the fee so you can save money by sharing a tariff with several people.
  • If you book a gondola ride through a hole or agency, there’s likely to be an additional fee built into the price.
  • If you’d like to arrange your gondola ride ahead of time (and pay in US dollars), select Italy arranges gondola rides with or without music.



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