Giotto’s Frescoes at The Scrovegni Chapel

I am most excited to see these frescoes painted by Giotto Di Bondone in Padua Italy at the Scrovegni Chapel (otherwise known as the Arena Chapel). He was commissioned by Enrico Scrovegni to paint the entirety of the chapel with scenes from Mary and Jesus’s life. Enrico’s family history was frowned upon for usury, or charging interest with loans, this was a big no-no and was considered a sin. It is said that Enrico constructed and commissioned the decoration of the church to make up for his family’s sins. If you look above the entrance of the church you can even see a painted version of Enrico presenting the actually church to Mary. Other panels portray scenes such as The Visitation, The Annunciation, The Nativity, The Crucifixion, and so on. All painted in a very dramatic and emotional way, something Giotto was well-known for. He even painted the parts of the church that look like architecture. The ceiling is finished with a sensational blue sky with sparkling stars, and even though small in size the chapel’s collection is breath-taking to say the least. Here is a couple links for more information.


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