Fontana del Moro

tumblr_lzzplfZ1uV1qbo39mo1_1280The Fountain of the Moor is located in the southern part of the Piazza Novana in Rome and has four Tritons and a moor wrestling a dolphin. The original version of this statue, created in 1575 by Giacomo della Porta, only had the Tritons and the dolphin. In 1653 the moor was added by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. After a few centuries of weathering, the original pieces were moved to the Galleria Borghese in 1874 and copies were placed at the fountain. The fountain stayed this way up until 2011 when a vandal damaged part of the fountain with a hammer.


One thought on “Fontana del Moro

  1. Oh Yeah! More Bernini PLEASE!!! Even his clay maquette for The Moor is amazing – so expressive, the emotion is palpable! Side note: I was majorly nailed with pigeon shit while in Bernini ecstasy in front of this fountain in 1976!!!! Suggestion: wear a hat.


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