Bronzino’s Portraits of Eleonora di Toledo with son Giovanni

Eleonora di Toledo...

This portrait, painted by Bronzino is considered to be, not only a traditional mannerism painting, but a painting of  great symbolism. It depicts Eleonora di Toledo, Cosimo I de ‘Medici’s wife, and son Giovanni. It was usually uncommon for children to be present, at this time, in a portrait with their parents, and the very nature of the portrayal between the mother and son is lacking a loving emotion at the least, if any emotion at all. However, the son’s presence was intended for one purpose only; a symbol to the security of the Medici line in the future. Even Eleonora is loaded with symbolism, from her dress style and royalty decor, to the very disconnected expression on her face.

Here is a link to the video by Khan Academy. Their stuff is pretty great.


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