1338244134-throwing-of-rose-petals-at-pantheon-during-pentecost-mass--rome_1242543 1338244126-throwing-of-rose-petals-at-pantheon-during-pentecost-mass--rome_1242502

Pentecost comes from the Greek word pentekostos meaning fifty and in religion referred to as the fiftieth day.

Pentecost is a holiday celebrated by Christians all around the world. The purpose is to remember the coming of the Holy Spirit to the first followers of Jesus. Pentecost is also the day that the Church was started

Rose Pedals are poured onto “the faithful” from the open oculus in the Pantheon in Rome. The roses represent when the Holy Spirit decended upon the Apostles. They were then able to speak in many languages and go out and spread the word of Jesus Christ. The rose petals represent the flame that appeared over each apostle.


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