The Birth Of Venus, a play in two acts.

This is the story of the birth of Venus.

The players:
CRONOS, Titan and father of the Olympian Gods.
URANUS, oldest Titan and father of Cronos (and other Titans).
VENUS, or APHRODITE, goddess of love, beauty, and sex.


CRONOS: Screw you, Dad. [chops Uranus into pieces]
URANUS: ‘Tis a flesh wound. You can never defeat me.
CRONOS: Watch me. [cuts off Uranus’s genitals] How about that?
URANUS: [Wails, dies]
CRONOS: Now what to do with these? [regards the severed genitals] Eh. [throws them into the ocean]


GENITALS: [create foam]
FOAM: I am made of Uranus’s blood and semen. I am, frankly, disgusting. [Bubbles]
SEA: What is happening? Oh – what?
VENUS: [arises from the sea on a shell] I do not want to think of what I am made of.
FOAM: You are made of me!
URANUS, from beyond the veil of death: I mean, well. Actually. That’s not entirely accurate.
VENUS: I have been born, an adult female, from the waves of the ocean.



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