Venetian Carnival and Masks


This is an annual festival held in Venice where about 3 million people come to celebrate its history. It originally started as a lavish reunion and celebration in San Marco’s Square until it was banned in 1797. In 1979 it was reinstated as a way to boost the Venetian culture.  The most coveted prize of the event is the winner of the la maschera più bella (“the most beautiful mask”).


At the carnival there are awards given out for the creative masks:

  • Award for the Thematic Masked Costume “The venetian kitchen” Monica Tognato and Leopoldo Lazzarin from Vicenza
  • Award for the Best Masked Costume “The Love’s Stars: Marte Venere e Cupido” Patris Angel Horstraak and Jochen Schlüter from Bielfeld (Germany)
  • The most original Mask Monsieur Sofà e M.le Coco by Lorenzo Marconi from Senigallia (Italy)


Official Site:


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