Food in Venice

With Venice being submerged in a canal system of lagoons and marshes leading into the Adriatic, most of their dishes are seafood inspired; lots of fish and sometimes squid.  So if you are not a big fan of seafood you are not going to particularly like traditional Venetian dishes. Surprisingly, they don’t base a majority of their dishes around pasta, rather a substitute of ground cornmeal called Polenta. Polenta (pretty much just a soft cornbread) was originally associated with being a cuisine of the lower class in Venice, however overtime it has become a delicacy for all classes. One of the most popular dishes in Venice is called Baccala’ Mantecato, a dried Baltic Cod-fish lightly seasoned and served in a cream sauce over Polenta. When it comes to dessert, Tiramisu seems to be a popular choice, the original recipe is strongly believed to be created in the city itself.baccala_mantecatp


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