Food in Florence

We are going to have Gelato (probably as much as we possibly can), but did you know there is etiquette for it?  We are supposed to order two flavors and order from the cashier and pay for it, then take the receipt to the gelato counter, where you can order a cup (coppa) or a cone (cono) and put the receipt down with a small coin as a tip.    Note, we are paying by the cup or the cone, not the scoop; meaning we may be able to get more into a cup.



And don’t forget about PIZZA at the Pizzeria Caffe Italiano….. get ready!

Pizzeria Caffe Italiano Florence

On another note, below is a list of a typical Florentine menu (they don’t always eat them all together, but typically used for holidays and celebrations).

Antipasti = Hoursd’oever (starter)

Primia piatti = First Courses

Piatti di mezzo = Intermediate Dishes

Secondi piatti = Second Main Course

Contorni = Side Dishes

Uovo = Eggs

Formaggio = Cheeses

Dolce e biscotti = Cakes and biscuits

Frutta = Fruit

Caffe = Coffee



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